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All inclusive, upscale resort for your pet!

Welcome to Divine Dog Hotel! Divine Dog Hotel is an upscale, all inclusive resort for your pet. The hotel is situated of 9.8 quiet, secluded acres north of Lake Jackson. We offer two different size suites to choose from depending on your needs, ten regular size and five double, each with their own doggy cam so you can view your pet from anywhere in the world. We also have ten separate outdoor play yards, each with toys for playing and benches for relaxing. Each guest is treated like family with outstanding service and companionship.

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Client Testimonials

“These people LOVE dogs! They knew our dogs’ names when we arrived, and they took special care to fully understand each dogs’ needs. We took our four dogs there, and they were able to allow them all to stay in the same room. This was great for helping them manage their stress and anxiety. There are great outdoor spaces where the dogs can run. Loved the webcams to keep an eye on our babies. You will not be disappointed.”

Pet owner

“We took our dogs to the Divine Dog Hotel when we went out of town for a few nights. Normally we have friends watch our dogs, but this time we weren’t able. The staff at Divine made me feel so comfortable about leaving my dogs with them. I loved being able to check in on the web-cam, so see what they were up to. The dog run areas are shaded, and some are covered in the event of rain. The facility was very clean, and the rooms were a good size. My dogs were bathed and ready when they were picked up. I loved the picture we got of the dogs as well. If we ever have to board our dogs again, Divine Dog Hotel will be our choice.”

Pet Owner 2

“Perhaps it is because cats do not live by human patterns, do not fit themselves into prescribed behavior, that they are so united to creative people.”

Lenora Christensen, Veterinary Nurse

Professional Dog Care

Dog owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are committed to delivering the very highest level of care and affection.